About CG

The Adventures of Cannabis Girl is a new animated series depicting a young woman’s desire to fight off crime in the City of Rolling Green.  Mary Jane Toker is a typical 23 year old but with one exception, the ability to transform into Cannabis Girl to serve and protect her community.

Cannabis Girl’s super power is her ability to take an extra large hit then expelling the smoke toward the villains putting them into a relaxed state of mind. She also relies on her physical prowess to battle more violent hooligans who need to be taught an extra special lesson.

Most crime in Rolling Green originates from the use of addictive narcotics such as crystal meth as well as prescription drugs. Villains will do anything to get their “daily fix” and will stop at nothing to get their drug of choice.

Cannabis Girl’s mission is to thwart off crime by advocating the use of marijuana and all the medicinal benefits it has to offer.

Will Cannabis Girl successfully eliminate crime for her beloved City of Rolling Green? Stay tuned to find out!